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The Roadmap TO REACH

Discover all the real secrets to fat loss.

Then learn to maintain your gains.

And become forever fit.

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Hi, I'm Bryan Rivera. Registered Nurse, Strength Coach, and founder of The Fitness Clinician. I am so proud to say that I built the body I used to dream of by looking at the physical, mental, and emotional parts of fitness. 


That's how I claimed my physique and also maintained it for the past 7 years. Knowing how to balance fitness with all the other parts of my life has been LIBERATING. Now I want you to experience this too!

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Nursing made me look at my own health.

I fell in love with my first job as an RN at a primary care clinic. It was so fulfilling helping patients take control of their health. The role was a bit demanding though, so I would dedicate the weekend to unwind with friends. A lot of our activities revolved around eating and drinking. This was my escape from my 9-5 responsibilities, so I overlooked the weight I was gaining.

One of my duties was to host an exercise class for patients. One day, I was visibly out of breath while performing the exercises. This shattered my confidence as a healthcare provider who believed in being a role model for patients. I hated my situation of being out of shape while promoting health. It didn’t feel right that my life didn’t reflect the healthy lifestyle I was encouraging. That’s when I knew that I needed to change.

I did all the "right" things.

First, I tried keto and restricted my carbs. I lost weight at the beginning but then plateaued. I couldn’t understand how people made progress on keto year round. When I looked at some of the certified keto foods, I was shocked that they had more calories than the original versions. As a nurse, I was skeptical of keto’s claim that low insulin levels are the secret to fat loss. Ketosis didn't seem like the diet hack people made it out to be.

Then, I tried intermittent fasting. Restricting my meal times worked during the week. But it seemed like the only way for me to succeed on the weekend was to say "no" to spending time with friends. The idea of restricting your food intake, followed by an “anything goes” window didn’t sit well with me. It was eerily similar to a restrict-binge cycle that could turn into disordered eating.

"transformations" are misleading.

Most fad diets only transform your exterior, they don't transform your lifestyle. Here’s their general premise.


  1. Revolve your life around a specific set of diet rules.

  2. Eliminate certain foods, cooking methods, or times you can eat.

  3. Focus on eating from an “approved foods list" or at “acceptable times.”

  4. Fixate on circuit training and traditional cardio.

  5. Watch the fat melt off your body!

  6. Once you’ve lost the weight, you won’t have to worry about what you eat.

  7. Take it easy, enjoy your life, and go to the gym every once in a while!

Fad diets are fake fitness!

Picture a car parked on a hill, only it doesn't have the wheels turned correctly. Suddenly the breaks fail. The higher uphill the car is parked, the faster it will barrel backwards. That’s the backsliding when you break your fad diet rules. And you'll have to break them eventually. 

What about when you want to share a meal with your partner?

What if you want to catch up over drinks with your best friend?

What if you want to enjoy dinner with family?

Look, reaching your fitness goal isn’t magic. It’s a process. It takes work.

But it takes strategic work - when done properly, it takes less work than you think.

so can I achieve a transformation?

The answer is a big YES! But the word “transformation” is misleading. Transformation in the way I’ve discovered it, doesn’t just mean a lower number on the scale. It means lower body fat so that your clothes fit the way you want them to.


I think a better word for transformation is recomposition.

Body recomposition is VERY possible. This strategy focuses on losing fat while gaining strength. The toned look that people are looking for? Recomposition is actually the key to achieve it and being forever fit!

I've kept the weight off for 10 years

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It requires less than 3 hours a week! I'll be honest I didn’t start with those few hours, but that’s because I didn’t know any better.


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Over the past 7 years, my clients have used system to claim and maintain their dream physique without direct coaching from me.


If you told me back in 2010 that 3 hours a week is what I need to reach my fitness goals through body recomposition, I would have given you a confused face and then grilled you with questions like this:

Bryan Then:

“Lifting heavy weights is meant for bodybuilders. I don’t want to look bulky. All I want is to be toned! Why can’t I just do intense workouts and cardio?”

Bryan Now:

"That's a valid concern. Here’s the secret: the toned look that you want to achieve actually comes from lean protein and strength training, not circuits or traditional cardio. The real culprit of the "bulky" look is a high calorie intake which leads to gaining body fat.

Bryan Then:

“I’m so busy with my career and trying to enjoy the little free time I have. I don’t want to waste time learning how to do these work outs and not end up with the results I want."

Bryan Now:

"Achieving your fitness goals should not get in the way of your life. Strength training helps you even when you aren't actively training. The muscle you gain from strength training will help burn calories throughout your day. That's what being intentional is all about! Achieving the physique you want only takes 3 hours a week with strength training!"

Bryan Then:

“I don’t even know where to begin with being intentional. Deciphering nutrition facts, complex metabolism formulas, and learning a new training system?! I don’t have the time or brain space for that. It seems so complicated and almost unrealistic. Only 3 hours a week to get the physique I want?! Come on."

Bryan Now:

"I agree - toxic diet culture makes it way too complicated. But it's really not. There are only 6 foundational tools that you need to be intentional and attain the physique you want. And if I can learn them, anyone can!"

The Bryan Back then was afraid

He wanted (better yet - he NEEDED) a change. But he had no idea where to start.


Can you relate?


I’ve always tried losing weight the “regular” way.


But it was never a permanent fix.


I needed to do something different to lose body fat that wasn’t determined by the hours at the gym or doing "metabolism hacks" that weren't sustainable. And after a lot of trial and error, I figured it out.


Being forever fit is possible - very possible.


You just need to have an intentional system in place. Otherwise you’ll waste your effort by backsliding every time you start to succeed.


And I’m not about to let that happen to you!


So I took nearly a decade's worth of knowledge, success, pain, frustration, and experience and distilled it all down into a repeatable system.

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A proven system that slowly but surely brings your fitness goals to reality. And once you achieve them, they're here to stay.

The Intentional Series

Nutrition - Lifestyle - gains

This series focuses on 3 core areas:

Physical: A training program to elevate your metabolism without the pitfalls from too much cardio.

Mental: The Nutrition IQ to know how to build your plate the right way to honor your hunger and fitness progress.

Emotional: The know-how to correct the patterns that cause us to use food/drinks as coping mechanisms.

Book #2: Nutrition

A deep dive to debunk harmful fitness myths.

Stay armed with the top evidence-based guidelines to tune out diet logic that sounds right, but would end up sabotaging you.

how to avoid sneaky toxic diet culture traps.

Break free from mindsets that secretly slow you down! Unlearn views
like approved vs. unapproved foods and clean eating vs. cheat days.

Learn to outsmart food labels & their claims.

Quickly increase your Nutrition IQ with our 7 "How to Act Now" checklists to become confident with interpreting nutrition facts.

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Book #1: Lifestyle

Our 4-step action plan to upgrade your habits.

Solid habits are the key to lifestyle changes. Upgrade your food environment so you don't have to always rely on your willpower.

Learn to calculate your metabolism correctly.

Learn your unique calorie requirements for fat loss, muscle gain, or just maintenance. Avoid the mistakes that will sabotage your metabolism.

60+ customizable recipes for your foundation.

Say "no" to the cookie cutter diets, unsustainable food rules, & generic meal plans! Each recipe includes its calorie breakdown.

An 8-week kickstart to hack your metabolism.

Stay consistent for 8 weeks and make more progress than most people do in 8 months. Transform how your body uses calories.

Spend less than 3 hours a week with training.

Learn to avoid unnecessary workouts that only increase soreness, not progress. Leverage working smart to balance training with living life.

Step-by-step guide to perform every exercise.

Memorize protective cues that will allow you to do any lift with confidence (scapular retraction, improving IAP, & hip hinging).

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Book #3: Gains

Marble Surface


“I’m familiar with Bryan’s work with motivational interviewing and I'm thrilled that he uses this same style to guide readers to reflect on change. These books never made me feel forced to follow a narrow set of diet rules. I like his flexible strategies so I can always feel confident with my food choices."

- Sharon Leavitt, PA-C. Advanced Practice Clinician Manager

Most diets and exercise plans focus on trendy fitness fads that stop working once the newbie-gains wear off. (keto, altitude masks, waist trainers). Others are overly complex, time consuming, and depend on you micromanaging your calories on a fitness app.

The Intentional Series isn't based on fads.

Instead, it is based on the foundation of increasing your fitness IQ. Knowing what portions make sense for your body, overcoming impulsive eating, and gaining strength the right way. Now hopefully you're starting to see how powerful this system is! From no clue on how to start, to literally hacking your metabolism, The Intentional Series is your ultimate solution.

We all wish that we knew this from the beginning. We don't want anyone to feel all the negative emotions we've been through during our fitness journey: the guilt, self-defeat, and shame. Our goal is for this system to help as many people as possible. Because many believe that fitness is about physical gains but it is also about emotional gains and being the best YOU possible!

And that's why we want to give you access to the entire intentional series for just $49.

Click the button to get started today!

A letter to my former self

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Remember when our only fitness goal was to get down to 150 lbs? We obsessed over the scale and used every fad diet trick to make it happen. But we didn't care about becoming stronger, both physically and mentally. So when we finally saw that number, there wasn't that sense of relief or happiness we thought we'd feel. Instead, we still avoided mirrors and shopping for clothes because they still didn't fit right. Where was the happiness that came from losing weight that everyone on social media portrays?


After we hit our goal weight, we were so eager to just live life. But the habits we picked up from those fad diets didn't teach us balance. Until one day, our scrubs just didn't fit anymore. When we got on the scale, we felt so ashamed that the number was the highest we've ever seen. I wish we knew back then what we know now: fad diets are toxic. They won't get you the look you want. And on the slight chance they do, they don't teach you how to maintain it. What we needed back then were lifestyle changes that we could keep up with....We needed intentional change.

-Shelby Robles, BS, CHC
Co-author | The Lifestyle Guide

A future reminder

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As the years go by, you are going to have more responsibilities in life. You will further your education, climb up the ladder at work, and continue to grow your family. With each new role, comes even more duties. This letter is a reminder that you can't pour from an empty cup. It is important to take care of yourself in order to take care of your loved ones. Keep finding self-care in fitness. Training at the gym has been your way of maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself. It helps you unwind, reset your energy, and remember that anything is possible!


I know you will stay motivated with your fitness journey because it shows your girls what wellness can look like. As your girls grow up, they will not feel guilty for taking time for themselves! Keep leading by example. It's one thing to talk about being healthy, but demonstrating healthy behavior makes it even more real. The time you dedicate to your fitness normalizes that self-care isn't selfish. As a mom with a career and a never ending list of things on her to-do list, self-care matters even more.

Jazmin Hernandez, CPT
Co-Author | Training With Intention

Gratitude Check-in


I’ve seen this "5-minute journal" floating around social media and was curious to give it a try. After the kind of year we've all had, I realized it's important to take the time to check in with myself. This is my self-reflection: I am grateful for receiving my bachelors in Dietetics and the opportunity to help others become the best version of themselves.


It is important to me that I use my license to help others. Creating personalized nutrition plans for clients makes this happen! There should not be one-size-fits-all diet plan because everyone has unique goals, fitness levels, and preferences. I am also grateful of my collaboration with The Fitness Clinician team to create a book on the key concepts for sustainable change. And most of all, I am grateful for my dog Murphy!

Danielle DiCristofano, RD
Co-Author | The Nutrition Book

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"I wish I had this book when I first got diagnosed with diabetes. I’ve tried all types of diets, even keto. Using the tips in this book have helped keep my blood sugar readings stable. Now I’m proud to say that my A1C is finally under control!"

- Warren Delfin, BSN, RN. President at Home Health Resource Group

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