• Bryan Rivera

6 Tips For Everyday Fitness

Updated: Jan 30

Healthy habits help carry your progress forward if motivation goes down!

You know what I don't like about how gurus talk about motivation? They misrepresent it like you can keep it on. They act like once you flip the switch, you can stay motivated forever. And when you can't? Then they use another buzz word. *Guru voice* "Well maybe you didn't have enough drive."

The truth is, motivation has its highs and lows. We can't live in a state of 100% motivation. That doesn't stop us from moving forward towards our goals though.

By building healthy habits, we create routines that we can fall back on. These routines help us when we aren't feeling 100% motivated. When we build systems, it gives us a safety net when life throws us a curveball.

Check out these 6 tips below and see which works interest you!

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